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The CEDRA Corporation offers ArcGIS Server application development services. Many of these applications are JavaScript based and developed in close consulation with the client to ensure that the desired functionality is achieved. These applications include basic Identify capabilities as well as custom editing and printing functionality.

Those interested in a Culvert application will want to click on this link to see how culvert field survey information can be displayed in a web-based application. In examining the application note how field reports and images are hyperlinked to the features.

Those interested in seeing Sewer, Water and Stormwater features in a web-based application click on this link, while those who are interested in seeing Parcels click on this link.

A different type of user interface for a Parcel Viewing application can be seen by clicking on this link. This application offers the user the ability to Query the Parcel and Plat database, Create Bookmarks, Perform map navigation, Identify features, Measure areas and distances, Create Point, Line, Polygon and Text graphic elements, Generate Mailing Labels and Export parcel data in an Excel compatible file. The application also offers 4 different types of Esri basemaps.

To see an application that utilizes Google Basemaps click on this link. The application is the same as the previous application with the exception that only Google basemaps are offered.

Those interested in an ArcGIS Online solution for a Parcel Viewing application will definitely want to click on this link. This application offers a wide variety of functionality such as Measuring Tools, Draw Tools, Printing, Querying, Abutter or New Me functionality, Mailing Label generation and more.

Those involved with Emergency Management operations will be interested in the following Storm Shelters application, which can be accessed by clicking on this link. This application enables the user to maintain a storm shelter inventory by offering Search, Bookmark, Map navigation, Identify, Measuring, Editing, Data Management, Exporting and Printing functionality. The Editing functionality has been disabled in this application to prevent the database being modified. This application employs a custom multi-column editing dialog box for data maintenance.

Many municipalities need to inventory the public trees and planting sites in their communities. This is typically referred to as an Urban Forestry application. An example of a Public Tree Inventory application can be accessed by clicking on this link. In this application, the user has a great deal of functionality in maintaining a municipality's public trees and planting sites. The editing functionality has been disabled in this application to prevent the database from being altered. However, the editing functionality is present so that the user can see what type of editing is available. For those interested in a true Tree Management application click on this link. This application provides the ability to add, relocate, delete trees as well as maintain a robust tree database. Over 200 species of trees are supported in this database.

An example of how an ArcGIS Server application can be integrated with a municipality's web site is the City of Edmond's Planning & Zoning Address Finder, which can be accessed by clicking on this link. This application enables a user to enter an address, which is geocoded to compute a spatial position, after which the information associated with the address is displayed in a pop-up window. Alternatively, the user can simply make a pick in the map area to display the pertinent zoning information.

Custom ArcGIS Server Application offering Querying, Identifying, Printing and more Functionality

In developing these applications, ArcGIS Server services are utilized. These services can be created by the user or existing services can be utilized. Click on this link to see how two services were created and incorporated into an application enabling the user to query a specific New York State County or Congressional District.

All of the above links are sample ArcGIS Server applications demonstrating the type of functionality that can be provided in a web-based environment such as predefined bookmarks, querying, identifying, editing, printing and adding graphic elements to the map to name a few. Custom map templates can be established to create maps containing the appropriate information describing the map.

Note that these applications can quickly be customized to utilize a client's specific services. The applications can also be customized to provide only the functionality desired by the client. Some clients may desire to have an application be view only, while others may wish to have editing capabilities included in the application. Both environments can be easily implemented.

As shown in the above applications, enhancing the ArcGIS Server Development environment is the ability to integrate the ArcGIS Server version of the CEDRA-DataEditor software in ArcGIS Server applications to create a true Data Management System. The CEDRA-DataEditor software enables custom dialog boxes to be created without programming. The user simply creates a configuration file describing the contents of the dialog box. The configuration file provides for drop-down lists, attribute equations, validity checking, specification of default values, specification of read-only attributes and the design of multi-column dialog boxes.

Shown below is such an example of where the CEDRA-DataEditor has been embedded in a custom application for Urban Forestry Data Management. The multi-column dialog box design is employed for displaying tree and editable information.

Custom ArcGIS Server Application for Urban Forestry Data Management

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