CEDRA Professional Services

Data Capture, Data Maintenance and Application Development

Complementing CEDRA's software development efforts is CEDRA's Professional Services Division. For over 20 years CEDRA has been offering consulting services to local, state and federal agencies. Almost all of these projects involve data acquisition, database development and software development services.

Comprised of professional civil engineers and highly skilled GIS staff, CEDRA has a great deal of experience in database creation and application development, be it in a desktop or server based environment. CEDRA has created databases for engineering departments, planning agencies, transportation agencies, oil and gas companies. Likewise, CEDRA has developed custom applications utilizing the database CEDRA created for these entities.

An excellent example of the type of services CEDRA can provide is the City of Edmond, Oklahoma. Click on this link for a paper describing the work that CEDRA has performed for the City.

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