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"Water Distribution Modeling, Laramie, Wyoming"

"Water Distribution Modeling, Laramie, Wyoming"


The CEDRA Corporation, offers Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based software for mapping, civil engineering design and modeling, surveying and database maintenance applications. CEDRA’s AVseriesTM suite of software operates directly within Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) GIS software (ArcView® GIS and ArcGIS® 9.x and 10.x), thus eliminating the need to switch back and forth between various software packages. CEDRA software is developed entirely in-house and marketed worldwide to public works agencies, tax assessors, utilities, municipalities and private sector companies.

Users interested in a complete overall solution should look at the CEDRA-AGsuite software which integrates all of the ArcGIS based CEDRA software into a single package. CEDRA AGsuite provides the user: CAD, COGO, Deed Transcription, Parcel Mapping, Surveying, Contouring, Traverse Adjustment, Cross-Section and Profile Stripping/Plotting, Stakeout, Roadway Design, Earthwork Calculations, Site Development, Plan and Profile Drawing Assembly, Sanitary, Storm, Combined Sewer Modeling, Water Distribution Modeling, Data Editing/Maintenance and DXF export functionality all within the ArcGIS environment.

This software package provides Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Mappers, Assessors and those involved with Utilities (sewer, water, gas, oil, electric, etc.) a wide range of functionality at a most affordable price.

CEDRA-AGsuite can be licensed in one of two modes: (a) Single User License or (b) Site License. The Single User License fee is $1,995 while the Site license fee is $2,995. As the name indicates the single user license is intended for operation on a single computer, while the site license enables the user to operate the software on as many computers as desired within a single building. Additionally, software support for the single user license is available for $350, while software support for the site license is $995. Software support is an annual subscription that provides the user telephone, fax and e-mail technical support, as well as software upgrades as they become available. Software upgrades are available by download via the internet. Click on this link to review/print a CEDRA-AGsuite order form.

It should be pointed out that our Site license fee of $2,995 is not a concurrent license, but a true site license. As the name implies, the CEDRA-AGsuite Site license enables the user to operate the software on as many computers in a single building that the user desires, be it 2, 10, 100 or more.

Those who are spending tens of thousands of dollars on software and software support for competitive products will definitely want to consider the CEDRA-AGsuite software site license. Those who desire a wide range of functionality, such as that offered by the CEDRA-AGsuite software, will appreciate the single user license fee. Note, as you review the functionality offered by the CEDRA-AGsuite software, if there is desired functionality which is not present in the CEDRA-AGsuite software, The CEDRA Corporation will work with the client to implement said functionality. All of the CEDRA-AGsuite software has been developed by The CEDRA Corporation.

Those who would like to read about how CEDRA-AGsuite software can be used click on this link CEDRA Command of the Month. Every month an article is written describing an application where CEDRA software functionality was used. These articles are also informative in learning how to use the software.

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