Case Studies and PowerPoint Presentations

"3D GIS Modeling, Edmond, Oklahoma"

"3D GIS Modeling using City Engine, Edmond, Oklahoma"

CEDRA Papers and Presentations

It should be noted that CEDRA is quite active in professional socities and a strong supporter of user groups and conferences. As a matter of fact, CEDRA has participated in a number of conferences where CEDRA staff has presented papers discussing projects they have worked on. Sometimes the presentations are solely by CEDRA staff, other times they are joint presentations with the client. These presentations typically involve the creation of PowerPoint presentations.

Presented below are a few of the presentations CEDRA has given. The reader has the option of downloading the PowerPoint file or a PDF version of the PowerPoint. If the PowerPoint is downloaded, most of the slides will contain notes describing the contents of the slide. The PDF version does not contain these notes. So that, if the reader is able to view a PowerPoint file it is recommended that the PowerPoint file be downloaded for the commentary that is included with the file.

In addition to the presentations there are Case Studies that the reader can download as well. These are short reports describing the work CEDRA has performed for a client. These reports can be downloaded in PDF form.

A Simplified Approach to Implementing GIS - SCAUG 2019

GIS Utility Needs Assessment - SCAUG 2018

3D GIS Implementation using CityEngine - SCAUG 2017

Traffic Sign Inventory and Maintenance - SCAUG 2017

Asset Collection and Asset Inventory System Implementation

GIS-CAD Integration via ArcGIS Online

Implementation of ArcGIS Online

Traffic Sign Inventory and Maintenance - GIS/SIG 2017

Developing ArcGIS Web Mapping Applications - SCAUG 2016

Parcel/Easement Creation, Data Entry/Maintenance and DXF Exporting - SCAUG 2015

Well Pad Design and Heavy Truck Freight Transport - Esri 2015

Engineering Applications employing GIS Technology - Esri 2007

Avenue to ArcGIS Conversion - Esri 2003

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